At ROFORGE, the organization and culture of the company is based on human values, individual responsibility and team spirit. For each product, standard or custom, customer demand is managed by the sales department (voice of the customer) which will carry it within the company.

If it is a standard one, an MO (Manufacturing Order) is launched directly. On the other hand, for a specific, custom product, the responsiveness of our company relies on the immediate mobilization of our design department (design and technical validations), our purchasing department (needs for raw materials and components), our production department and our project team for the global coordination.

Our order backlog, resulting from the multitude of customer projects , is reviewed weekly to ensure the proper technical progress and that we will meet deadlines. A monthly meeting completes this management by allowing a more global follow-up of the workload and projects milestones.

At each of these stages, the general management team and the sales department are involved, ensuring that the interests of the client remain at the heart of our concerns.

Beyond this quality process which is ISO 9001 certified, there are 3 elements that make ROFORGE successful:

– it is the proximity of employees to the customer,

– their ability to dialogue and work in a team to be more responsive,

– it is the common sense of operational excellence.