Reactive, flexible with great quality services


The high satisfaction of ROFORGE customers all around the world comes from the skills and readiness of our teams.
ROFORGE provides consulting, expertise, support, maintenance and training, all with strong readiness and adaptation capacities to meet the needs and requirements of our customers.



ROFORGE has raw products, semi-finished or finished products inventory to respond as fast as possible to any emergency. Its various buffer stores enable ROFORGE to respond to every customer need, thus eliminating the pressure of large industrial series from crude material suppliers.

-Crude material stores

ROFORGE has in store both forged and cast, non machined parts. It is therefore highly responsive.

– Semi-finished products stores

These industrial valve items are fully or partially machined. They are only assembled after the customer needs and requirements have been specified.

– Finished products store

ROFORGE has a fast and efficient transport and logistics department.

– Consignment stock

ROFORGE has set up a consignment stock dedicated to the customer’s recurring consumptions. The dedicated consignement stock is supplied regularly according to mini stocks defined by customers and when necessary, to special requests in order to get items rapidly.

The consignment stock is either available at the ROFORGE shops or at the customer’s, therefore cutting transport time. ROFORGE invoices the customer in real time for what they use.

Technical support


Consulting, expertise and diagnosis

ROFORGE experienced technicians and shops are at their customers disposal. Our teams can work on site for expertise  and training assignements. Training schemes can be adapted to specific requests: installation support, failure analysis, corrective actions.

The satisfaction of ROFORGE customers comes from the level of expertise of our consultants from the design department, especially when it comes to defining the customer needs.



ROFORGE performs diagnoses on all ROFORGE, MAVINOX and RONFARD valves.

The valve manufacturer makes quotes for repair and performs repair in compliance with operational and   regulatory requirements. These call-outs are covered by the manufacturer’s repair warranty.


ROFORGE can work on large scale projects.

The company can design joint bids, upon request from major customers. To do so, ROFORGE joins forces with valve manufacturing partners to create temporary consortiums.