Design and manufacturing for all industries


ROFORGE industrial forged and cast valves solutions apply to every industry: refining, petrochemicals, chemistry, energy (thermal and nuclear power plants), general industry, navy and armament. ROFORGE designs and manufactures valves for EPCs, OEMs, end users (refineries, thermal power plants, chemical plants…), as well as maintenance companies.

ROFORGE works with a sales engineers network, as well as distributors and brokers to help you find the best solutions.


ROFORGE has developped valves for refineries that can be used at high-temperature and with high temperature gases.

For instance, ROFORGE has studied the adapted design for shells to remove heat, the choice of materials (mecanical performance properties of steels and/or alloys) and the choice of gaskets for temperatures over 600°C.


ROFORGE has a rare know-how in the petrochemical PVC chemistry. We are obsessed with controlling leaks, especially when it comes to fugitive emissions.
ROFORGE offers two sets of solutions:
the welded bonnet technology or the bellow valve technology, which provides a double sealing with the valve stem packing.


In the chemical industry, customers are not only end users, they are also EPCs for the construction of plants and units.

ROFORGE has taken part in making units for PVC polymerization. ROFORGE offers a range of piston valves for reactors.
These solutions have been designed and tested for discharge, charge, inhibitor injection rinsing and sampling applications. On this range, ROFORGE has dozens of years of feedback, thanks to hundreds of valves in use around the world.


In the energy sector, ROFORGE works for thermal and nuclear power plant operators, cogeneration equipments, industrial boiler manufacturers and equipments for this sector.

The solution provided by ROFORGE is a range of high performance, strong and efficient valves, specially adapted to high pressure service – over 100 bars – and high temperature over 500°.


In the general industry sector, ROFORGE works in industrial gas, tyre industry, paper industry and agrofood industry…

ROFORGE provides specialized valves dedicated to cryogenics (liquified gas, nitrogen, oxygen…). The strength of this solution comes from a bespoke cryogenic extension adapted to the customer’s technology. We improve reliability thanks to operating tests as well as many non destructive tests.


For the naval sector, ROFORGE mainly works in armament, particularly for diesel and nuclear submarines.

ROFORGE provides a range dedicated to controlling flow and pressure loss in the system. This adjusting and balancing ROR valve is a RONFARD technology.