An industrial valve can be used:

– to close, in other words to stop a flow (liquid, gas,..) in a closed piping network.

-or regulate it.
There are a multitude of features that will characterize the valve system

-internal equipment: gate, globe, butterfly, guillotine …

-performance: working pressure, pressure loss, high temperature resistance, etc.

-quality: manufacturing standard, material to be processed

Roforge pays particular attention to the performance and quality of its products which can be cast or forged.

Cast valves are characterized by the use of cast carbon, alloy or stainless steel, which combines the proper properties in terms of flowability, mechanical characteristics, and in some cases weldability.

So, to obtain bulky parts with complex interior geometry, this is the ideal solution! ROFORGE works with French and European well known foundries which have know-how of more than 100 years, particularly with the MAVINOX and RONFARD brand.

Forged valves are characterized by the use of forged carbon, alloy, stainless steel. This type of material is characterized by compactness and superior use characteristics. The piece of material is heated and then shaped using a die and a press. At ROFORGE, forged products are at the heart of our business and have enabled us to acquire a reputation in the energy, petroleum and chemical sectors with first class customers as Total, EDF, … in France and internationally as well.